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We help you grow by simplifying the complex and distilling cutting edge technology to suit your business.

Some of Our Clients


Working with Volvo, TripAdvisor, and other household names, Denorth is Iceland's premiere design agency.

Clerk Bridge

Clerkbridge is at the forefront of keeping law firms data-compliant in an AI Landscape. They are the first board-certified Software Company approved to instruct Generative AI through CLE credits .  


Blinder AI is a platform dedicated to helping users keep their data private when using AI by providing a data-anonymizer to prevent leaking sensitive information.


Tech can be complicated...

Navigating the complexities of technology without the right expertise will lead you to face constant technical issues, wasted resources, and missed opportunities. Competitors who leverage advanced technology efficiently are leaving you behind, and your team's productivity is suffering.

Inefficient Processes

Manual and inefficient processes are draining your resources and reducing productivity.

Integration Issues

Your business operates with numerous systems in place, but there is no seamless way to integrate them all. The backend of your business is in disarray.

Customer Experience Pitfalls

Your business operates with numerous systems in place, but there is no seamless way to integrate them all. The backend of your business is in disarray.

Tool Overload

With so many tools available, it's overwhelming to determine which ones are right for your business needs.


We'll shed some light on the matter

We help your business identify and implement the technology and software you need and cut through the noise to avoid unnecessary expenses.


We construct a high-resolution plan for achieving your business goals. We lay out every requirement and answer all important questions to keep the project on course.


We provide an exhaustive description of your project’s functionality, all system interconnection points (API, webhooks, backends connections, etc.), and mockups.

Deep Understanding of Tools

We pick the best tool for the job. Our technology recommendations are driven by real business needs, not the hottest industry buzzwords.


We take your idea and make it real. Our team of experts in design and development will implement the solution for any and all platforms — web and mobile alike.

Our Services

AI Systems

Bring AI in house. Fine-tune models to fit your use case, create RAG applications, and more.

Web Development

Create powerful web applications that enhance your business capabilities and engage your audience.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Our data analytics allows you to gain transformative insights about your business real time.


Boost your visibility and join our clients in the top ranks on Google.

Mobile App Development

Transform your ideas into powerful mobile apps that engage users and drive business growth.

Web Design

You only have seconds to make a good impression when a prospect visits your site. Stay on the top of your customers' minds with a website that stands above the rest.

Technical Consulting

Leverage our expert consulting services to navigate complex tech landscapes and make informed, strategic decisions.


Seamlessly connect your systems and streamline operations with our comprehensive integration solutions.


What our clients are saying

"Seek Solutions provided outstanding service in creating my perfect website. Matt's expertise and responsiveness ensured a seamless process from start to finish. I highly recommend Seek Solutions for their exceptional work and commitment to client satisfaction."

Carson D.

Birdseye Media

"Matt is great to work with. Very personable & quick to respond. He worked with me to create a fantastic website for my photography portfolio. I highly recommend letting Matt transform your web related needs!"

Sloane A.

The Vanessa Group

"I trust Matt, at Seek Solutions, with my hard-earned money to design and maintain my business website.My customers have expressed how professional and high quality the content is on my website since contacting Seek Solutions. He was able to streamline the process of spam detection and form filing for all of my customers so I am no longer missing the one email out of hundreds- every customer counts! I’ve been working with Seek Solutions now for 2 months and already have seen amazing things."

Sean Linfoot

Owner, Linfoot Repairs

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Seek Solutions on the development of my app. From the initial consultation to the final delivery I couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome. They not only understood my vision but also provided valuable insights that significantly enhanced the app's functionality and UX. The project was completed on time and exceeded our expectations."

Eggert R.

CEO, DeNorth

"Seek Solutions helped me on my first app testing. Matt has done an amazing job and I plan to use him for future projects."

Jeremy S

Safe Tea Selector

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