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What our clients are saying

"Seek Solutions provided outstanding service in creating my perfect website. Matt's expertise and responsiveness ensured a seamless process from start to finish. I highly recommend Seek Solutions for their exceptional work and commitment to client satisfaction."

Carson D.

Birdseye Media

"Matt is great to work with. Very personable & quick to respond. He worked with me to create a fantastic website for my photography portfolio. I highly recommend letting Matt transform your web related needs!"

Sloane A.

The Vanessa Group

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Seek Solutions. From the initial consultation to the final delivery I couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome. They not only understood my vision but also provided valuable insights... The project was completed on time and exceeded our expectations."

Eggert R.

CEO, DeNorth

Matt has done an amazing job and I plan to use him for future projects.

Jeremy S

Safe Tea Selector


Is your business in the dark?

Business owners want to give the best customer experience possible, but they often neglect one of the most important parts — the first impression!

Having an unprofessional website is like showing up 20 minutes late to meet a prospect, and only eventually showing up in pajamas. It's not a good look.

The first impression your business makes matters — whether it's in person or online.

Poor design

Poor design erodes trust. If your website looks unprofessional or outdated, they'll bounce before they even begin to scroll. A well-designed site builds confidence and encourages users to engage with your brand.

Consumer expectations are higher than ever

In today's world, consumers expect seamless and intuitive online experiences. A clunky, confusing, or slow website will frustrate visitors. You need not only to ensure that the site looks professional, but that it also guides them where they need to be quickly and smoothly.

Avoid D.I.Y. mishaps

Some think that building a website is like changing a light bulb when it's really like wiring a house. Without professional expertise, you'll create more problems than you solve. Don't launch a site with technical issues, subpar design, and missed opportunities for optimization.

Don't be a commodity

A cookie-cutter website positions your products/services with everyone else. Without a brand and customer experience that's a step above, getting customers to pay premium prices for your premium offer is an uphill battle.

Our Services

Let's shed some light on the subject

Here's how we help you take your business to the next level.

Web Design and Development

We build websites that your visitors will love and love to use.  Every interaction is smooth and satisfying, and we make it dead simple for your visitors navigate. The final product is fast-loading and reliable.

Copy That Converts

We write copy that ignites your customers. Leave behind the bland, uninspired word-salad. Our writing starts your customer in mind leaves them as fired up about your business as you are.


Integrations take your customer's experience beyond the website. What happens when they contact you? when they buy from you? when they sign up for your service? Integrations foster customer relationships, keep your systems in sync and organized, and make sure that no lead gets left behind.

Ecommerce and Monetization

Turn browsers into buyers. Create a business model that suits you and your customers including one-time purchases, monthly subscriptions, and metered usage. We setup everything from inventory management, shipping and logistics, and more.

Some of Our Clients


Working with Volvo, TripAdvisor, and other household names, Denorth is Iceland's premiere design agency.

Clerk Bridge

Clerkbridge is at the forefront of keeping law firms data-compliant in an AI Landscape. They are the first board-certified Software Company approved to instruct Generative AI through CLE credits .  


Blinder AI is a platform dedicated to helping users keep their data private when using AI by providing a data-anonymizer to prevent leaking sensitive information.